50% of ALL sales donated to Kate Benjamin to support her 2ND fight against breast cancer!

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(11/18) Saturday  11am – 5pm
(11/19) Sunday 11am – 5pm
1831 E. Jackson St. | Phoenix, AZ 85034

During her first round with breast cancer, at times a small gang of us gals would get together for a laughter-filled meal, concert and / or healthy green juice. Four years later her breast cancer has returned at age 46. In late September was getting my art images and website ready for my own studio sale when I read Kate’s blog and found out she has set up a GoFund Me page. I couldn’t afford to donate to my friend, but talked with her and we decided this was the way that I could help. 50% of every sale will be given to Kate. If you don’t know Kate Benjamin, she’s incredible! She’s an animal advocate, owns Hauspanther, been on TV shows and even co-authored a book. As someone who’s part of my Phoenix tribe, it all hits close to home. I was heartbroken (and angry) to know she was going to face cancer again – this time with even more enormous costs and intense surgeries. These days we are all too familiar with the infuriating high cost of medical bills, but it’s even worse when you are self-employed with your own policy. Kate finally had major (14hr!!!) surgery last Friday and is now at home recovering. I’ve always made art from my heart and soul, so it’s particularly meaningful when I can put it out there to do good things for others in this world. On this site will be over 100 items for sale – many of them starting at $45.00. Check back Saturday morning 11/18 to view and make a purchase. Thanks for taking the time to read and for your support!

*Don’t need art or jewelry, but want to help Kate kick cancer’s ass? 
Donate direct to Kate’s Fundraising Campaign!  AND You can also read more about Kate’s Cancer Journey here.