Upcoming Public Art. It’s been an honor to have been the artist selected for this project in downtown Phoenix. I’m currently working on a large suspended ceiling art installation for the lobby of Wexford’s Biomedical Campus to be installed this fall. Updates to follow soon.


Aerial Circuitry is a series of photographs I’ve taken from my airline window seats over the last two years. With nose pressed to glass, gazing out over our collective marks and shapes we leave on the earth’s surface below, I see synergies and patterns. I see circuits as our cities and cities as our circuits. The marks we leave on the earth’s surface mirror that of the micro technologies that run our lives.

I print these photographs using two different processes. The first process is archival prints on Kodak metallic paper. The second process is an emulsion print on copper plate.

The irony of a pandemic is that it gives people personal time and space for deep reflection. I work in a wide variety of materials, so reflection is an important way for me to connect past, present and future dots within my work. In this case, looking back at the evolution of my print process(es) on copper and aluminum pieces since 2013 (images below) is a clear reminder of just how much trial, exploration and experimentation have transpired to create this new series.


Traversing the Datum.  A site-specific wall constellation installation in Pleasanton, CA. Comprised of 300+ hand-made copper pins including circuit boards, aviation charts and aerial imagery of the San Francisco / Pleasanton area. A complex and interconnected constellation traversing details of location, time and space.

This piece was commissioned by the Art Makery for the lobby of AC Hotel in Pleasanton, CA. This latest commission evolved from six previous installations created between 2013 – 2018.


Opening Reception, Friday 11/15, 6-9PM
Closing Reception, Friday 12/06m 6-10PM

A City, Modified, is a cross between historical exhibition and invitational. The show surveys Modified Arts’ origin in 1999 to the present day and explores the galleries’ history as a music venue and arts space in downtown Phoenix through photographs and historical memorabilia. It is also an invitation to a selection of artists that have had an impact on the space and the arts community in Phoenix over the last two decades.

Come See Glasshouse of Cards during this exhibit.


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Souvenir reminders of an incredible day! I recently returned to Houston the end of July and had the unique opportunity to meet with Dr. Kamlesh Lulla and learn about his various roles throughout his 30+ year career. As NASA’s Chief Scientist for Earth Observation, Space Shuttle and International Space Station programs, he developed and directed the technologies that enable NASA’s satellites and shuttles to capture Earth’s imagery and data from space! It was a true honor to share my recent art project in Houston with him and discuss our overlapping interests between science, art and conservation. The word “inspiring” is a bit of an understatement when I think of the extraordinary commitments he’s made to science, research, and space exploration. Suffice it to say, I’m intensely motivated and already back in the studio studying and researching to my heart’s content… and my head? …Yes, that’s still up in the clouds


Completed in June 2019, this 22ft. metal sepia panel of aerial satellite imagery is now included in a client’s corporate collection in Houston, Texas. Additional images and project specifics here.


Completed in April 2019, this concrete and copper public art sculpture, Traversing Sonoran Connections, is located at the NE corner of Scottsdale Rd and Oak in the City of Scottsdale, Arizona. Additional images and project details are here. 



Images of an enamel on copper process learned at a workshop with jewelry artist Michelle Swartzman at Mesa Art Center in June 2019. Aerial images include the largest diamond mine in Siberia, agriculture in the midwest, fracking and oil sites over Texas and the urban sprawl of the Southwest. These are testing experiments for a  larger installation project coming later in 2019.


Completed October 2018, this video and installation were made possible, in part, with an Artist Research Grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts.

Cache is a sculptural land art installation. An 300lb white concrete sculpture was hand-cast to form an 8ft x 5ft fossilized motherboard circuit. It was transported into the Mohave desert and settled into the landscape just outside Joshua Tree National Park. A collection of previously recorded NASA satellite images was enlisted — each one a survey, a moment of human impact on our planet. Once projected onto the sculpture, each image becomes a beautiful distortion of human-caused patterns; fragments of data that create brilliant color, light and form as they contour within the topography of the fossilized motherboard details.

This process was captured within a time lapse video spanning from dusk until dawn. Daylight hours reveal the bone-white fossil with little evidence of glowing patterns. As dusk proceeds, colorful forms of data and patterns emerge. They slowly develop in to a peak of visual brilliance in the dark of night only to recede again in the morning twilight as the new day begins.

The time-lapsed photography and video produced by LA-based artist Sean Deckert.  And special thanks to many others who lent insights, sweat and skillsets to help bring this art installation into reality. Documented on location at the amazing Bungalow in the Boulders in Joshua Tree where the sculpture will remain.


Tethered Tensions is on exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum June 7th 2017 and runs through September 2017. Comprised using 500ft of spun hair, hundreds of small mirrors and tethered to six futuristic fossilized concrete sculptures, the walk-in installation explores unease, intrigue and fragility between humanness, technology and ecology as it envelopes the 15ft x 17ft enclosed room. Details and images here. 


The newest works for the upcoming solo exhibition, Black Box explore the unease, intrigue and fragility between humanness, technology and ecology. The exhibit opens Friday, May 12th, 2017 from 7-10P in the North Gallery at Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum. and runs through August 2017.


Via Modified Art Gallery: Bill Timmerman and Christine Cassano’s acclaimed duo exhibition closes this Saturday, December 10. In a unusual twist, the exhibit was uninstalled & re-installed within a new arrangement by internationally-acclaimed architect Will Bruder. Both artists and the installer will be present 1-4pm for refreshments and discussion (2:15 – 3:00pm) about the art and how this unique collaboration developed.

Modified Arts is proud to continue its legacy of building bridges in the arts with this innovative collaboration between a photographer, sculptor/mixed-media artist, and architect, hanging for one day only.


Infinite Possibility: Art of TomorrowAn International Juried Exhibition opens at Tilt Gallery on July 7, 2016 with an artist reception from 7-9 PM. The exhibition runs through August 27, 2016. About the Juror: Claire C. Carter is the curator of Contemporary Art at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art where she has curated exhibitions of visual art, architecture and design since 2007.


*Update: Jawbreaker was awarded first place in this juried exhibition.


Spring of 2016 — A five week residency made possible by the Newnan Art Res and University of West Georgia. Susan Crutchfield of Coweta Life captured images during a studio visit & interview. An Newnan Times-Herald also published and article.


Invitational exhibit, Green and Gray is a dialogue between the natural world and our built environment. Opening reception at Tempe Center for the Arts Gallery is Oct. 2nd, 2015 from 6PM – 9PM. Exhibiting artists include Carol Alleman, Susan Beiner, Peter Bugg, Christine Cassano, Angela Cazel-Jahn, Candice Eisenfeld, Steve Gompf, Preston Graves, Jonathan Howard, Mohammed Reza Javaheri, Karen Jilly, Catherine Nash and Ellen Wagener

Green & Gray Exhibit

More information and images of this walk-in installation piece, Permeable Facades and Internal Alterations. 


2015 Southwestern Invitational Exhibit is at Prescott College Art Gallery. Opening reception is Friday, Sept. 4th followed by a panel discussion the following day. A selected group of Southwest Invitational artists will host a panel discussion regarding their work in the context of contemporary art in the Southwest U.S.  Moderated by Julie Comnick.

Prescott College

Selected Panelist: EDIE DILLON · Prescott, LESLIE PARSONS · Prescott, ANNIE LOPEZ · Phoenix, BONNY STAUFFER · Prescott, MARY SHINDELL · Phoenix, BRYAN DAVID GRIFFITH · Flagstaff, MITCH FRY · Phoenix, BRUCE HORN · Flagstaff, CHRISTINE CASSANO · Phoenix

Southwest Invitational Panel Discussion


I had the incredible opportunity to visit Havana, Cuba in May 2015 during the 12th Annual Biennial. This immersive 10 day journey of the arts in Cuba included visits to many artist studios, private tours of the various museums, art institutions and total immersion into the daily culture of the people of Cuba. Below are some of the sights I captured.


The opening artist reception for this duo exhibit is Friday, September 19th, 2014 at Modified Arts from 6PM – 8PM. The exhibit runs through October 12, 2014.

(top row) artist Christine Cassano (bottom row) artist Sean Thomas. Closing Reception info below.