Artist Statement (2016) – The exploration of my work uses elements of the biological and the technological to explore the unease, intrigue and fragility between humanness, technology and ecology. Through processes of fabrication, concretization and excavation I integrate a range of textures, patterns, organic impressions and imprinted circuitry codes into petrified earth-based concrete surfaces to create fossilized, sculptural forms. These cured and hardened-earthenware pieces enable me create unique specimens that offer a reconsideration – an interplay of the elemental and the accidental in hardening of our contemporary civilization to its growing effects on the earth’s environment. These organic futuristic fossilized remains emit what feel like the last codes and signals of a now distant utopian future and serve as an open-ended mediation on the uneasy terrain of living in the age of diminishing returns. They aim to pose curiosities that question our own place in both the making and unmaking of planetary life, of structures both monumental and diminutive, and of human advances – both catastrophic and curative.

Below is a selection of recent artworks: 2017 – 2014. Click image to view and read additional information for each piece.


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