Cache is a sculptural land art installation. An 300lb white concrete sculpture was hand-cast to form an 8ft x 5ft fossilized motherboard circuit. It was transported into the Mohave desert and settled into the landscape just outside Joshua Tree National Park. A collection of previously recorded NASA satellite images was enlisted — each one a survey, a moment of human impact on our planet. Once projected onto the sculpture, each image becomes a beautiful distortion of human-caused patterns; fragments of data that create brilliant color, light and form as they contour within the topography of the fossilized motherboard details.

This process was captured within a time lapse video spanning from dusk until dawn. Daylight hours reveal the bone-white fossil with little evidence of glowing patterns. As dusk proceeds, colorful forms of data and patterns emerge. They slowly develop in to a peak of visual brilliance in the dark of night only to recede again in the morning twilight as the new day begins.

The time-lapsed photography and video produced by artist Sean Deckert

This installation was made possible, in part, with a grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts. Special collaborative thanks goes to several artists whom I have the good fortune to call friends! Thank you to Cody Carpenter who was instrumental in helping this sculpture be built and Seti Gershberg for all his film production consulting and insights; Abbey Messmer, Craig Randich, Fausto Fernandez and Monica Fernandez Casal for their road trip navigation, encouragement and work behind the scenes. And many others who lent their insights, sweat and skillsets to help bring this art installation into reality. Documented on location at the amazing Bungalow in the Boulders in Joshua Tree where the sculpture will remain.