Aerial Circuitry is a series of photographs I’ve taken from my airline window seats over the last two years. With nose pressed to glass, gazing out over our collective marks and shapes we leave on the earth’s surface below, I see synergies and patterns. I see circuits as our cities and cities as our circuits. The marks we leave on the earth’s surface mirror that of the micro technologies that run our lives.

I print these photographs using two different processes. The first process is archival prints on Kodak metallic paper. The second process is an emulsion print on copper plate.

The irony of a pandemic is that it gives people personal time and space for deep reflection. I work in a wide variety of materials, so reflection is an important way for me to connect past, present and future dots within my work. In this case, looking back at the evolution of my print process(es) on copper and aluminum pieces since 2013 (images below) is a clear reminder of just how much trial, exploration and experimentation have transpired to create this new series.