Christine Cassano is an interdisciplinary artist who exhibits her work locally, nationally and internationally. Her time spent as a researcher within the environmental industry left her with an enormous curiosity for examining our civilization’s effects on our planet’s ecological environments. Her current work explores human-caused impacts on these ecological systems and structures by traversing connections between humanness, technology and ecology. The result is a survey of pervasive patterns created by human advancements, urbanization, globalization and digital hyper-connectedness. Christine’s studio practice includes a range of sculptures, installations, land art and two-dimensional works. Each enlists a variety of intricate materials and processes as she explores principles, correspondences and paradoxes that engage our present ideas and perceptions regarding cultural progress while offering a reconsideration of our future destiny within this industrial, digital era. 

With a recent invitation from members of NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Christine is currently researching, collaborating and working with new NASA satellite data and technologies for upcoming projects. Christine is a recipient of the 2018 Artist Research Grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts, funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts. In 2016, she was awarded a Contemporary Forum Artist Grant from the Phoenix Art Museum, supported in part by the Nathan Cummings Foundation Endowment. In 2015, she was awarded a five-week residency at the University of West Georgia and was also a recipient of the Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Art Grant, resulting in a published artist catalog of her work. Her public art sculptures, installations and commissioned works are in various collections throughout the US and abroad. Christine is represented by Gebert Contemporary in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Image courtesy of Damian Taylor, VT. 


Published early 2016 in collaboration with Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Art and a grant from the Ted Decker Catalyst Fund, Bring All to Front is a survey of Christine’s career as a visual artist. The fifty page bound book examines her body of work through 2015 and explores the various influences within her work and studio process. The book is authored by Marilyn Zeitlin who served as chief curator and director of the Houston Contemporary Arts Museum as well as chief curator and director of the Arizona State University Museum. This publication is available for purchase online.

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